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Dr.in Michaela Preiner

Man kann es sich im Leben leicht machen und man kann es sich im Leben schwer machen. Manches aber, was vermeintlich schwer aussieht - ist für denjenigen, der es macht, offenbar ein Kinderspiel.


The Silence

Nathalie Sarraute

Directing: Dávid Paška

Stage: Julius Leon Seiler

Costumes: Maria-Lena Poindl

Tilman Tuppy
Nils Hausotte
Katharina Rose
Ella Morgen
Matthäus Zaborszyk
Etienne Halsdorf
Ruben Sabel
Seide Noffke
Julien Colombet*
*als Gast

Light: Ralf Sternberg
David Lipp & Stephan Gammon
Ben Seegatz
Lalo Jodlbauer

We 3.11.2021 - 19 Uhr
Thu 4.11.2021 - 19 Uhr
Fr 5.11.2021 - 19 Uhr
Sa 6.11.2021 - 16:30 Uhr
Schlosstheater Schönbrunn
I Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47 | 1130 Wien

Jean Pierre is silent. What appears at first glance to be a strange quirk, an unusual reluctance, develops an unexpectedly intense impact on the rest of society. This persistent silence puts the rules of conventional conversation to the test and causes all the other characters to reveal more about themselves than they really want to.

"The Silence" was written in the 1960s as a radio play for Radio Stuttgart. Nathalie Sarraute's work is characterised by an interiority that initially opposes the essence of theatre, which thrives on the externality of internal processes. As in many of her other works, there are hardly any characters, the characters have names instead of names, and the plot remains minimal. Rather, Sarraute focuses on language and all that is thought between the lines. He says: "In dialogue that seems purely realistic, you have to show what is really underneath the dialogue." In this way, the various stimuli and conflicts of the sub-conversation become spoken dialogue. The topicality of this work makes it a critique and self-revelation of our content-free age, in which any discourse (political or otherwise) is inseparable from the construct of class thought. Those who present themselves as the intellectual and ideological elite today are in stark contrast to today's silents. Silence itself is timeless.