Don Carlos, a dramatic poem by Friedrich Schiller, describes the political events of the time of Philip II. The struggle of the Dutch provinces for freedom and the human intrigues and intrigues at court are strikingly timeless.

Sloboda, Freiheit, Freedom, Liberté, свобода appears to us in two forms: as freedom from something, in the sense of demanding the absence of coercion and oppression, or as freedom for something, in the sense of taking responsibility for an individual or social project.

This division makes the change for which almost all the characters in the play fight in their own way seem almost impossible - both personally and geopolitically. Is it possible to fight for the freedom of others when we ourselves live enslaved?


Lukas Haas
Jens Ole Schmieder
Saskia Klar
Katharina Rose
Judith Richter
Horst Schily
Luka Vlatkovic


Directing: Dávid Paška
Stage: Leon Julius Seiler
Costumes: Maria Lena Poindl
Light: Lukas Kaltenbäck

Dramaturgy: Marie-Therese Handle-Pfeiffer


1. March 2023 (19:00)*


Thu 2.3. (19:00); Su 5.3. (15:00);
Fr 10.3. (19:00);
Fr 17.3. (19:00)*; Su 19.3. (15:00);
Thu 23.3. (19:00)*; Sa 25.3. (19:00);
Fr 31.3. (19:00); Su 2.4. (15:00)

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Bahngasse 27
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Foto: Julia Kampichler