Nomos Faustus

A scenic phantasy after T. Manna, J. M. Hauer, A. Ginsberg, a. o.

Directing: Dávid Paška

Stage: Julius Leon Seiler

Costumes: Maria Lena Poindl

Violin: Johannes Fleischmann
Piano: Sabina Hasanova


Mariam Avaliani
Luca Bonamore
Julien Colombet
Sebastian Egger
Lukas Haas
Nils Hausotte

In the new stage adaptation of Thomas Mann's famous novel "Doctor Faustus", the approaches to the twelve-tone music of Arnold Schönberg and Josef Matthias Hauer are brought into a subtle dialogue. A group of contemporary witnesses try to reconstruct the strange past and eventual death of composer Adrian Leverkühn. The genius of his music is at odds with his immoral nature associated with the devil. So was he good or bad, is such an assessment really possible in relation to art? Witnesses want to seize the unknown through partial memories. But the question is: why do you have to master what you cannot understand? The production connects today's discourses with Thomas Mann's commentaries on the art of his time through a chronology of witness accounts.

Kasematten Neue Bastei
Bahngasse 27
2700 Wiener Neustadt